Every day I read one or more recent articles, blog posts or stats about social media. Most of the time, these are written for businesses in mind who have different objectives than public health organisations.  My job is to then translate social media tools and trends for public health purposes.

The following are the people and pages I follow that I find the most helpful in keeping up to date on social media.  If you want to fully immerse yourself in social media as much as I do, you might like to check these out.

In no particular order:

  1. Gary Vaynerchuk – Thought leader, infectious passion and great advice.
  2. Social Media News and Social Media Statistics –  my preferred go to site for Australian social media statistics.
  3. Amy Porterfield – Popular social media strategist, in particular using Facebook.
  4. Inside Facebook – Analysis and information about how to best use Facebook.
  5. Mashable – Social Media – The latest social media news, information, resources and tips.
  6. Derek Halpern – Social Triggers – Marketing focused, but based in psychology with really helpful social media tips.
  7. Jon Loomer – Advanced Facebook marketing strategies.
  8. Mari Smith – Social media thought leader and strategist.
  9. Social media examiner – Good general tips and advice.
  10. Social Identities – Some fantastic tips about creating your social media identity and how to stand out online.
  11. Marveo – Victoria Gibson provides great advice about using ads on Facebook.
  12. Problogger – Expert blogging advice and tips.


If there’s anyone I’ve missed or if you have any suggestions be sure to let me know!

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