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Networking and careers advice for health promotion

By Kristy Schirmer I recently sat on a panel for undergraduate health promotion students at the University of South Australia to provide some insight into health promotion careers and networking. Previous experience with students shows that it’s best to incorporate sessions on careers as part of lectures, tutorials or workshops to help ensure attendance. There was also a subtle side message about the ongoing juggle between parenting and work responsibilities as the lecture was scheduled when I was on mum duty. Hence, bubs had to come with! I love hearing about people’s jobs and careers. It was also a great

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6 Tips for First Year Health Sciences Students

By now Year 12 students across Australia have received their marks and many will be starting university this year. For some, they may have chosen a pathway into the Health Sciences.  For others, getting into a Health Science degree may be something they are doing while they figure out what vocation they ultimately want to do. For the health promotion profession, an annual cohort means there are new and often young minds who will be learning about social determinants of health, inequalities and the Ottawa Charter for the first time.  Students will be doing their first ever literature reviews and

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