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eHealth Queensland Expo 2016 recap

By Claire Condon   The first Queensland Health eHealth expo (held on 2nd June 2016) brought together a range of people working in the health and technology sectors to “foster collaboration, promote industry engagement and discuss opportunities & challenges in digital health”.   The expo was put together by eHealth Queensland and emceed by futurist Chris Riddell who spoke about the increased velocity of change we are currently experiencing. We are now seeing technologies and innovations that would not have been thought possible only a decade ago, and the speed of change & technological innovations is only going to increase.  

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What health promotion can learn from GovHack

The Zockmelon team are big fans of The Apprentice UK, the version with the gruff-but-with-a-heart-of-gold Lord Alan Sugar. On the reality show, contestants work in teams bickering and sorting out their pecking orders in order to achieve something that would normally take months of work in an ordinary business environment. The closest thing to this for us was Unleashed Adelaide, the South Australian event for GovHack 2013. We had under 48 hours to complete a technical solution (such as an app or website) using data ‘unleashed’ by Government departments. However, GovHack represents far more than a competition. For people working

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