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Networking and careers advice for health promotion

By Kristy Schirmer I recently sat on a panel for undergraduate health promotion students at the University of South Australia to provide some insight into health promotion careers and networking. Previous experience with students shows that it’s best to incorporate sessions on careers as part of lectures, tutorials or workshops to help ensure attendance. There was also a subtle side message about the ongoing juggle between parenting and work responsibilities as the lecture was scheduled when I was on mum duty. Hence, bubs had to come with! I love hearing about people’s jobs and careers. It was also a great

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Guest blog: Ten Reasons to use Twitter by Tarun Weeramanthri

This article first appeared in ‘InTouch’, Newsletter of the Public Health Association of Australia, March 2014. Republished with Tarun’s permission. By Tarun Weeramanthri, Executive Director, Public Health and Clinical Services Division, WA Health Twitter: @tarunw Recently a colleague asked me why I put time into social media. My initial response was to mumble something along the lines of ‘the world’s changing, we have to go with it’. A little more thought and I realised that a year ago, I was using three social media tools – most often Yammer (internal micro-blogging just for departmental staff), followed by LinkedIn (professional networks), and Twitter (anyone). Now I

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Health Promotion – We need to talk

Health promotion has oft reflected that it needs to get better at talking outwardly, promoting its relevance to society and the bottom line of the government. However, it dawned on me recently that we also need to think about how health promoters, AKA health promotion type folk, talk to each other.  By that I mean inward, professional conversations, discussions or debates. I was talking to a public relations consultant recently and she remarked that she had to have a social media presence in particular on Facebook because that’s where her primary group of clients (mums who run businesses) hang out.

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