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Top tips for advocacy in health promotion

Guest post by Aimee Brownbill and Stefania Velardo Top tips for advocacy in health promotion Do Know precisely what you want and identify your target. Have clear key points of what you want to achieve through your advocacy effort and keep it simple (aim for no more than 3 goals; although 1 is even better).Be as specific as possible – rather than advocating for ‘more investment’ in a particular area be specific about what this might like look, i.e. how much of an investment and in what form? Research who it is you need to know (i.e. who can make change

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Guest Blogging Guidelines

  We welcome guest bloggers! Check out our guest blogging guidelines if you would like to be featured on the Zockmelon blog. All blog posts are clearly attributed to the author, yourself, as the guest blogger. Blogs posts are unpaid and you own the intellectual property of that post, and are free to re-publish elsewhere including LinkedIn Pulse, professional publications or your own blogging platform. If you are publishing elsewhere after you have first published on please cite the source of the original post by using a hyperlink to your guest blog. The audience of the blog is health

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Zockmelon Community Feedback 2016

By Kristy Schirmer Over the past few months we have asked our newsletter subscribers and social media followers to provide us with feedback on how we can continue to serve the public health and health promotion workforce.   Here’s what we learnt: We are delighted to say that you are enjoying our content and offerings, but that we need to provide more. More on new tools like live video, but also professional platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter. Some specific suggestions included: “Information on what the most effective platforms/strategies are for outcomes like engagement, information-sharing/exchange etc.” “Tips for using social media

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Is Fitspiration all bad? Culture and community vs public health messaging

By Shelley Ratcliffe Is Fitspiration all bad? Culture and community vs public health messaging   A little bit about me… Hi everyone, my name is Shelley Ratcliffe and I’m a third year health science student, majoring in health promotion at Flinders University. I am writing this as part of the work placement I’m currently undertaking with Zockmelon. For someone who, up until about 8 weeks ago, was a complete social media novice, this placement has been an eye-opening experience.   Prior to university, I worked in the fitness industry. I was a personal trainer, I taught fitness classes and also

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5 reasons health promotion should never use stock images

By Kristy Schirmer I have been involved in numerous health promotion projects where we were developing a new brochure, poster and website attached to a new project or service of some kind.  Instead of getting new photos and images for our project, we had to save money (of course) and use stock images. *Shudders* The problem with this is that you can end up with multiple programs using the same images, which could present issues with brand/program recognition.  Imagine if a member of the community sees the same ‘mother and child’ image on a walk to school poster and a

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