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10 tips for using social media to promote health: reflections from Fertility Week (Guest Blog)

By Rebecca Zosel, Health Promotion Advisor, Victorian Assisted Reproductive Treatment Authority (VARTA). I recently had the privilege of managing a national fertility awareness campaign, which gave me the opportunity to engage with social media more intimately than before. I suspect like many Gen X’ers, I’m familiar with different platforms (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn) but was not au fait with using social media professionally, in order to promote health. My experience with Fertility Week confirmed my suspicion: social media is an extremely useful and cost-effective tool for targeting, reaching and engaging new audiences. As public health practitioners concerned with access and

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Getting your event in the Twitterverse

By Kristy Schirmer Are you planning an event or conference?  Here’s all you need to know about how to have participants and presenters disseminating and networking using Twitter.  PS. This applies to any virtual events and webinars too, not just live events. Why? Tweeting at conferences helps to summarise and disseminate research and ‘take home’ lessons from sessions. It offers benefits for: People back in the office who are unable to attend to get a sense of the event and the issues discussed. For attendees/participants to consolidate their learning and ask questions. Not everyone likes a roving microphone. For

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A new meaning to ‘going viral’ in public health and health promotion

At one of my first speaking engagements on social media and health promotion I was asked this question: So, how can we make something go viral? Even the concept of making something go viral makes me chuckle when thinking about social media and health promotion as previously working in the blood borne virus field we were trying so hard to not make viruses, er, go viral.  Geeky virus joke. Sorry. Back to the question: “How can we make something go viral?” This person worked in local community setting, that is, in. a particular geographical area.  She was organising a local

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