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The Ice Bucket Challenge and what it means for health promotion

By Kristy Schirmer 2014 brought a new social media phenomenon to the world – the ice bucket challenge. Basically it involves tipping a bucket of ice water on one’s head, recording it on video and uploading to various social media platforms (typically Facebook which is the most popular platform in most countries). The challenge has become an endorsed fundraising and awareness raising campaign of Motor Neurone Disease Australia. You can read about it on their website: Even I’m surprised by how the ice bucket challenge has taken off. I have seen videos renowned and respected friends, colleagues, business associates, children,

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A new meaning to ‘going viral’ in public health and health promotion

At one of my first speaking engagements on social media and health promotion I was asked this question: So, how can we make something go viral? Even the concept of making something go viral makes me chuckle when thinking about social media and health promotion as previously working in the blood borne virus field we were trying so hard to not make viruses, er, go viral.  Geeky virus joke. Sorry. Back to the question: “How can we make something go viral?” This person worked in local community setting, that is, in. a particular geographical area.  She was organising a local

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