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How to pitch an idea in 4 simple steps

By Kristy Schirmer Like most skills, pitching an idea is a learnable skill, not one that comes naturally. Ideas take many forms. Your idea might be: an app a resource an intervention tool a service a new position in an organisation a new policy direction.   Regardless of what it is and even if your idea is backed by irrefutable scientific evidence, at some stage you will need to pitch your idea to someone and win them over. It might not even be about gaining funding, it might just be about selling your idea to gain stakeholder engagement. So how do

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How to survive the health promotion apocalypse

By Kristy Schirmer It feels like we are in the midst of the health promotion apocalypse.  Programs that were once supposed to be significant investments to prevention have been suddenly cut.  Have zombies eaten the brains of politicians and decision makers who fail to see the benefits of investing in prevention? In the past few weeks with the announcement of the Federal budget we have seen programs cut with just a few week’s notice.  We are seeing evaluation planning and baseline data collection effectively wasted if follow up evaluation is not completed and disseminated.  Perhaps most devastatingly we are seeing

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A new way of working in health promotion – one year in

By Kristy Schirmer Zockmelon celebrates our first birthday since launching in May 2013. Yay us! This means it is time for some celebration and reflection. The way health promotion is done and by whom is changing.  The mass disinvestment of health promotion across a number of Australian states now means that health promotion work is being done by different kinds of people and sectors.  Increasingly specialised health promotion positions can be found in local government, by private providers such as us and of course in Medicare Locals (for now). My health promotion mentors have always advised me to ‘follow my

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