Health promotion, social media consulting


Health promotion consulting services:

  • Commencing September 2018, Health Promotion Social Media School e-course
  • Social media training and professional development including face to face or through webinars.
  • Speaking events on social media and health including conferences and seminars.
  • Tailored professional development workshops for your organisation.
  • Social media review and feedback service information – 1 spot available in 2018.
  • “So you want to make an app” – E-course for organisations. The course will not run again until 2019 following an update.
  • Smartphone and tablet app development idea generation and planning to get you developer ready.
  • Social media strategy sessions with health-focused entrepreneurs and start-ups.
  • “Pick your brains” 60-minute sessions via phone or skype.
  • Other health promotion services and consulting on request.
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