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Social Media Case Study: Children of Parents with a Mental Illness national initiative

Huge thanks to Sarah Horwood, Online Manager, COPMI for sharing her insights with our blog readers. Background The Children of Parents with a Mental Illness (COPMI) national initiative promotes better outcomes for children who have a parent with a mental illness. We produce information for parents with mental illness, young people, their family and friends that complements interactive online training courses and resources for allied health professionals who work with them. The COPMI national initiative has a presence on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and more recently on LinkedIn. Whilst there are pros and cons to the use of each platform, Facebook is the most effective driver

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How to pitch an idea in 4 simple steps

By Kristy Schirmer Like most skills, pitching an idea is a learnable skill, not one that comes naturally. Ideas take many forms. Your idea might be: an app a resource an intervention tool a service a new position in an organisation a new policy direction.   Regardless of what it is and even if your idea is backed by irrefutable scientific evidence, at some stage you will need to pitch your idea to someone and win them over. It might not even be about gaining funding, it might just be about selling your idea to gain stakeholder engagement. So how do

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SA Primary Health Care Practitioner Award 2014

By Kristy Schirmer I would like to thank the Australian Health Promotion Association and Public Health Association of Australia, SA Branches for the honour of receiving the SA Primary Health Care Practitioner Award for 2014. Both these organisations have been instrumental in my career development. Their professional support and advocacy work provides the inspiration and leadership needed to get through the difficult times working in a sector that’s been severely cut, especially recently. The award is named in recognition of the achievements of the South Australian Community Health Association (SACHA), which was an independent community health lobby group. The Association’s purpose was to

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